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Here at forceXchange, we rejoice openness and strive to drive a marketplace where everyone feels they can bring their authentic self to experiment. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways we can all work right now.

Electronic marketplace or simply marketplace is one the most searched word on the internet. It is a platform that helps Salesforce Developer to buy-sell, post, and showcase Apps to the world. Not only is it efficient but an affordable and direct way which has over the last few years benefitted thousands of App developers.  Its flexible and wide outreach makes all your search funnel down to  a platform that many have considered most appropriate to post your app, buy and request code  most  effectively and in a result-driven way with optimum high-performance yields.

You would agree, when it comes to providing aid during the initial days of starting a brand, all your communication appears to be in the war footing zone. Irrespective of whether you are an established brand or a start-up brand  with  already deployed its mission and strategies – what you need is the way to move forward.

The question now is how do you turn the tide?

Despite being besieged by various disruptions and challenges, Developers are in a great race and racing their limitless performances every minute. One key factor that they are largely dependent on is a platform, a marketplace where they can post their app and wait for the client to reach out.

At forceXchange, we are revolutionizing the concept of buying and selling, adding value that unifies the complete experience online with Apps that are secured, error-free, and affordable.

Research and trend analysis has proved big time, the principal single influence that stimulates electronic marketplace experience is the ease of expertise, technology, and the constant upsurge of smart solutions.

As we arrive in a new era amidst the speculations and unrest surrounding us, with the new normal trend, the electronic market place is indeed upended at a cross road; in one route we can witness, the prospect, the many profits connected with being part of the Developer community, In the other end developing an idea an online destination  which will pay dividends to all associated and focused on growth.

As we move forward in the 2020s, the online world is excited to have new mainstream industries choosing the niche path adapting to the demand so efficiently.

forceXchange brings to you a whole new experience of the online marketplace, a unified marketplace to help you identify the right App and also showcase your product for others to bid. It is indeed a nice macro – individualistic management. Although such an opportunity in a brand destination will be a hallmark for all Salesforce App Developer's as this is their SPACE.

Are you wondering how to sell your App from home or a website? Try forceXchange, the online App bazaar that brings you a wider and larger platform for all smart App buyers and sellers.

We receive queries from tech smart buyers and appreciation for they find forceXchange, a great marketplace to explore possibilities for both buying and selling Apps which can be scaled. To develop an app right from scratch is an uphill task and if you are working on a good-trending topic zone, you will be surprised to see the result.

You will be able to discover and unveil the secret of some of the robust minds – a developer posting an App free. Let's take a glimpse of how beneficial is forceXchange, salesforce platform is for the App Developers, Salesforce developers & Lightning Component customers.

We are all ears to listen, read, and re-read your aspirations in the field of e-technology& e-commerce, application-based service providers &website-based platforms.

You need not partner with forceXchange to post your App on our platform.

Whether your interest lies in developing a user-friendly App and connects with your subscribers at lighting fast speed? Or you own an online retail business and would like to increase your customer base by many folds? We are just the right match, for the supply-demand is slowly picking pace in Tier-II cities the Tier -1 market is booming, there is increasing competition from tech-startups and newly online aggregators trying to lead their entry in this open market.

If you think you are a genius App developer yourself and would like to display your creation on an open marketplace as a seller? This is the right domain, my friend.

Whilst I wear the hat of a buyer and try looking for that perfect App that is just right for my organization and suits best my business model?

An app is important for an organization to improve its processes and elevate the level of approachability they want to offer their users. The purpose of an app is to effortlessly associate and connect with customers, making it a cherished tool for the current business.

It is time I turn these dreams into reality – nurture and prepare my business for the digitally advanced world racing limitless.

On another practical scenario, often  we witness the developers losing interest since it gets tougher by the day to post their App or Lighting component on the right platform and stay connected, rather than waiting for the ambition to die down – you now have a smart and dynamic app marketplace which just happens to be the support you were looking for. Here you are not at all limited to choices – you can post, buy, sell effortlessly.

Are you a service provider who would like to make your CRM more robust and responsive?  Or you fall in the category of innovators from tourism and hospitality background who wants all their dream offers available at the click of a button to their customers? Or you are from the banking and financial sector who would like to fortify and secure the day to day transactions of your clients online?

The list is long, and the process is exhaustive otherwise if technology had not been there for your rescue – it would have been the beginning of tech dark ages.

forceXcahnge is your one-stop-shop for all your technology-related solutions. We help you to innovate and evolve. Upgrade your business and increase profitability. Provide you with ideas and three sixty-degree solutions to your business needs.

At forceXcange, we welcome all innovative minds to explore your very own salesforce apps marketplace. We invite all entrepreneurs, salesforce App developers, Company decision-makers, Marketing Gurus, Creators/sellers, service providers to connect with us on our user-friendly online platform –

We are a small group of like-minded people who are here for you, with a mission to simplify your innovation journey, add wings to your dreams, fulfill your targets, and achieve the unachievable. forceXchange is an online marketplace enabling businesses to increase their productivity with Salesforce apps and Lightning components. Salesforce Customers will now have easy access to buy ready-to-use apps and components on the go and at just invest in a one time cost. What had earlier been a burden of cost and development will now accelerate your growth and show a positive bottom-line yield.

These apps and components are of various classifications such as Sales, Customer support, ERP, Information Technology & Admin, Analytics and Integration and Marketing tool, we are here to support you in your buying&selling and consultation approach.

Primary benefits at ForceXchange marketplace

The Sellers can post any App on our platform free of cost.

On other competition platforms, you have to become a partner first to post an app on the platform but not in case of forceXchange.

When a buyer is buying an App on forceXchange, he/she has not to pay App cost per user per month basis or year basis, it’s an extra burden for new startups.

On ForceXchange you can buy Apps at a very low price and only incur an one time payment.

forceXchange provides code review of applications with our trusted partners before posting. This means that all the available Apps up for sale are secured and error-free.


At ForceXchange, salesforce developers and companies have an approachable  destination to sell their creation without spending a cent, to post Salesforce apps and components without any hassle. By helping budding developers, forceXchange makes it easy for them to generate reflexive income by exhibiting the best of their works.

In the modern world, the widespread adoption and implementation of  Salesforce technology has thrown open a wide variety of innovative ideas and intelligent solutions that have brought in sharp relief and creates an obvious advantage compared to traditional methods of selling the work of young and talented developers.